What is millionaires.games?

- This is an author's online game project that provides a real chance for each participant to increase their capital, and even become a millionaire.

How to start?

- To get started, use the instructions here, or go through a short registration and then replenish your account balance.

How do I get paid?

- In order to receive a payment, you need to specify the address of your wallet in the settings here, and then create an application to receive funds.

I ordered a payment, how long will it take to receive it?

- The money is deposited with Westpac Banking Corporation, which acts under the power of attorney to represent the interests of Mr. Allan B Robbins, and makes payments ordered by the administration of the millionaires.games site. Payments are made from Monday to Friday, within 24 hours after submitting a withdrawal request. Holidays are not taken into account when calculating payment regulations. The time zone of the payment operator is GMT + 11.

What if they don't pay me?

- This is out of the question! Pay-outs are guaranteed by a prize pool and are calculated automatically. You just need to submit a withdrawal request and wait for it to be processed by the payment operator.

How are the prize money paid?

- $ 10M prize pool is provided by millionaires.games creator, Mr. Allan B Robbins, and is held in custody and operated by Westpac Banking Corporation.

How much can I earn?

- The maximum income is limited to the amount of $ 1,000,000. This means that one participant will not be able to receive earnings from the project for more than $ 1,000,000. Thus, it provides an opportunity to get profit and prize money for a larger number of people.

I forgot my login password, can I create a new account?

- Only one account can be registered for each participant. You can recover your password, or contact the site administration here.

I didn’t find the answer to my question, who can tell me?

- You can contact us by calling a consultant or using e-mail.